Growing Legacies

Legacy is about building the future by honouring the past. With a rich heritage, RPSG Group today is one of the most revered business conglomerates of India. The Group inspires trust and credibility through its value-driven business culture and thought-leadership. RPSG Group was established in its current form in 2011, but the Group has foundations of the Goenka family’s two centuries of illustrious history in Indian business.

Rama Prasad Sanjiv Goenka

DR RP Goenka has been regarded very highly for his keen business acumen and his expertise in strategic takeovers. But he has stated that he always did his business dealings more with his heart than his mind.

"I have never looked at the balance sheet of any company I took over. It was pure gut-feel and I never went wrong. The moment I ignored the gut reaction, I made a mistake."

Core Values

Growth in the Last Decade

Achievements through the generations